Horse abandoned in London Colney makes miracle recovery

AN ABANDONED horse has been nursed back to health after being found abandoned by the RSPCA in London Colney.

Dillon, a 12hh iron-grey foal thought to be about a year old, was found abandoned in a field earlier this year in a very poor state. His owner has not been traced.

RSPCA inspector Mel Fisher, who discovered Dillon, said: “When we found Dillon he had collapsed and was at death’s door. He was emaciated, subdued and really skinny – one of the skinniest horses I’ve ever seen in my time at the RSPCA. I really didn’t think he would make it as he was so blue.”

Dillon was taken to the Horse Trust sanctuary in Speen, Buckinghamshire, where he was unable to stand on his own for over a week when he arrived. He also had a high worm burden and wasn’t interested in eating.

During his time at the Horse Trust, Dillon made a good recovery. Welfare and education officer, Liane Crowther, said: “He is a completely different horse now. We haven’t had to do anything special to help him recover – all he needed was food, water and some TLC. He now has a good body weight and is feeding well.”

She added: “Since Dillon’s health has improved, we’ve started to see his personality more. He’s quite a cheeky horse and loves sunbathing. Recently, he’s palled up with another rescue horse called Chester.”

The Horse Trust will be looking to rehome Dillon in the future although more vaccinations and handling work are required before that can happen.

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