Horrific video of St Albans teenager being beaten circulating online

A brutal video showing teenagers beating someone up has been circulating online

A brutal video showing teenagers beating someone up has been circulating online - Credit: Archant

A horrific video of a St Albans teenager being savagely beaten up has been viewed more than 43,000 times and shared more than 400 times on social media.

The film, which was taken on Friday evening (May 19) by a passive onlooker, has now been taken down. It showed a group of teenagers hanging around a grassed area by Bernards Heath when one boy suddenly jumps on another, seemingly unprovoked.

He punches him from behind and throws him to the floor, before about four more yobs join in, repeatedly kicking the victim in the head and chest while he is curled on the floor.

It is alleged the attackers are from Verulam School and the victim goes to Sandringham School.

There are a number of people just standing around watching the incident take place.

Deputy head at Verulam, David Bullock, said: “We are working closely with police and other schools in the area to identify the students involved, and the police are investigating the incident, while we are speaking to students we can identify.

“As a parent and a teacher it’s deplorable and shocking. We have a very clear anti-bullying policy at the school and one where bullying is dealt with swiftly to ensure it doesn’t continue - the policy is the same as all workplaces and schools.”

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He described the incident as an “assault”.

Headteacher of Sandringham School, Alan Gray, said they are aware of the incident: “This incident is being dealt with by the police and we are working closely with them, as well as providing support to the pupil involved.”

A spokesperson for Herts Police added: “A recording of the incident, which was posted on Facebook, is being examined by officers and those involved in the incident have been identified and will be interviewed over the coming days.

“Officers are working with the schools and parents of those involved to determine what action is to be taken.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.