Homeless charity warns St Albans house prices are too high

The pandemic has been a factor in Londoners looking to move.

Londoners have been exiting the capital in their droves during 2020. - Credit: Getty Images/Fuse

St Albans’ homes are too pricey according to a housing and homelessness charity which has highlighted the district as being in the top 20 least affordable areas.

In its analysis of the state of the housing market, released in October, Shelter said it was “shocked” to find the scale of the problem faced by first-time buyers across the country.

Its findings were “most dramatic for London and the southern half of England” with St Albans ranked 14th in the 20 least affordable areas for couples without children seeking a two or more bedroom property.

Less than one per cent of properties advertised were rated affordable for single people and couples with children.

The findings were based on a snapshot of the entire England housing market – every property advertised for sale on Zoopla – on one day in August.

Shelter’s warnings have been echoed by one of the charity’s supporters, St Albans district councillor for London Colney Jacob Quagliozzi.

He said: “While increasing house prices are a sign of a long overdue recovery, to young people and those on medium and low incomes this is another bolt fastening on the locked door of home ownership in St Albans.

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“Whether Help to Buy is to blame is up for debate, but what is not is the lack of new homes.”

Cllr Quagliozzi added: “With Shelter demonstrating the chronic lack of affordable homes to those on average wages we need an honest local debate about whether we want a St Albans where only the very wealthy can afford to live.

“And politicians need to be honest with the public; we need more housing and we need to increase options to those locked out of home ownership with more council housing, more rented homes and schemes like rent to buy because if we don’t, your children and grandchildren won’t be able to live here.”