Hollywood star Matt Damon visits Redbourn pub

Matt Damon with Ray Smyth of Redbourn Cricket Club - Picture courtesy of Ray Smyth

Matt Damon with Ray Smyth of Redbourn Cricket Club - Picture courtesy of Ray Smyth - Credit: Archant

A Hollywood movie star swapped a London film set for an unlikely venue over the weekend.

Chequers Inn, Redbourn, hosted Hollywood movie star Matt Damon

Chequers Inn, Redbourn, hosted Hollywood movie star Matt Damon - Credit: Before They All Disappear

American actor and filmmaker Matt Damon visited Chequers Inn in Redbourn on Saturday (23) evening, much to the delight of local punters.

The Oscar winning star visited the pub with three other people, including another actor who is yet to be named, to catch a ‘quiet’ drink before setting off in his private jet from London Luton airport.

Manager of the pub, Bob Morton, said that the actor wanted to visit a low-key venue with a restaurant instead of a ‘busy boozer’ and enjoyed four pints of Guinness while sat at the bar for three hours.

Bob said: “All the guests just loved him. He was really, really good with everyone. He just wanted a quiet beer and not a busy boozer. That was fine until somebody recognised him!”

Bob added that Matt left each of the bar staff a (US) $100 tip and autographs. He continued: “He was a really nice guy. Lots of people came up for photos and he didn’t mind one bit. He was an absolute gent.”

Bob said that he was surprised that Matt Damon wasn’t taller. He added: “You see him on the films and you expect him to be this big film star but he’s just a normal guy.

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“The guy he was with, who was an actor as well but whose name escapes me, was a real comedian and had everybody in stitches.”

One of the Chequers Inn’s punters, Rich Cann, visited the pub for dinner with his girlfriend Sophie when he spotted Matt Damon at the bar.

Rich, who plays with Redbourn Cricket Club, said he couldn’t believe it was him. He added: “I looked at the bar and thought ‘What the?’.

“He was sat there like a normal bloke drinking Guinness with his friends.

“It was so bizarre to see this Hollywood actor in our little village.

“I had a bet with my girlfriend that I would pay for dinner if she went up and got a picture, and she did!”

Rich then texted his fellow Redbourn Cricket Club member Ray Smyth who came to the pub to see the Hollywood star.

Rich added: “He didn’t believe me at first. I’m told he went over and cracked a ‘Team America’ gag. Matt Damon apparently said ‘there’s always one’.”

It is thought that Matt Damon may have been filming in London for his up and coming film Downsizing, which also stars Kristen Wiig, Christoph Waltz and Neil Patrick Harris.

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