Hole in one for 11-year-old at Redbourn Golf Club

YOUNG Aiden Barker has achieved a feat which some of the world’s greatest golfers have never managed – a hole in one.

Aiden, 11, popped his ball into the heart of the green at Redbourn Golf Club during a junior group coaching session.

His father Doug Bradon, who lives in St Albans, said: “Aiden was the first to look in the hole as we all walked up to the green and when he saw his ball he was quite excited – he was jumping up and down and making quite a commotion.”

Aiden and his dad often play the Redbourn course and Doug added: “Aiden’s been playing golf since he was five years old and is a very good player. He regularly scores the same as me on the par-three course and has even beaten me on occasions.”

James Sawford, the club’s PGA professional, added: “We knew Aiden’s ball was close but because of the flag position we couldn’t see it from the tee.

“It was only when we got to the green and Aiden looked at the hole that we had confirmation he had scored an ace.”