How many people were furloughed in our area between May and December 2020?

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Many have been placed on furlough at some point over the last 10 months - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It's more than likely that you, or at least someone you know, have been furloughed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

This handy 3D graph allows you to see what percentage of our area's workforce was placed on furlough between May and December of last year, sorted by parliamentary constituency.

Furlough figures for Hertfordshire remained below England's average, apart from Hertsmere, which slightly surpassed it, at 32 per cent in June. All parliamentary constituencies followed the same pattern in data, and saw their peaks in June.

In Welwyn Hatfield, and in North East Hertfordshire, which includes Letchworth, Baldock and Royston, 27 per cent of people were on furlough in June, dipping to just seven per cent in October before rising again in the run up to Christmas.

Stevenage saw a similar pattern, with 26 per cent on furlough in June and six in October.

In June, 24 per cent of people across Hitchin and Harpenden were furloughed, with 7 per cent still on the scheme by October.

St Albans saw its highest furlough figure in June, when 25 per cent of its residents were off work, which also dropped to 7 per cent in October.