Herts Advertiser tracks down motorist after St Albans moped accident

A ST ALBANS mum-of-five who has spent a frantic week trying to locate a driver involved in an alleged collision with her special-needs son’s moped is relieved that a woman has stepped forward to help her queries.

Chammelle Courtney had contacted the Herts Advertiser to enlist the paper’s help to publicise the minor accident in which her son was unharmed but his new moped was damaged to the tune of �750.

The incident occurred on Hatfield Road, at the entrance of the Oaklands College Smallford Campus on Tuesday, September 21, at about 12.30pm.

Her son Ryan, who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), was riding his moped which he received just a fortnight earlier for his 16th birthday when a minibus he was following along Hatfield Road indicated to go left. Ryan allegedly collided with a woman driving out of the campus entrance.

Chammelle said the woman apparently stopped to check Ryan was not injured and while she did not give him her details, she did tell him she worked at the college.

Last week Chammelle asked the college to help her find the driver, fearing she did not realise that the moped had been damaged: “I’m not out to get her; it was a mistake but at the end of the day it was a child knocked off his moped.”

A college spokeswoman confirmed that, following an email request to all staff, a woman had stepped forward to help Chammelle’s query: “She is a member of staff and tried to contact someone last week but only works part time and the message wasn’t picked up.”