Herts Advertiser readers in St Albans and Harpenden comment on Brexit crisis

St Albans MP Anne Main with Harpenden MP Peter Lilley, two of the panellists at the EU Referendum de

St Albans MP Anne Main with Harpenden MP Peter Lilley, two of the panellists at the EU Referendum debate held at St Albans Cathedral. Photo courtesy of Helena O’Sullivan/St Albans Cathedral - Credit: Helena O’Sullivan/St Albans Cathedral

The Herts Advertiser has received many emails in response to St Albans MP Anne Main’s stance on the EU referendum and her push for the UK to leave the union, despite strong local support to remain. Here are just a few of their comments:

Mike Gerrard, St Albans: “The people of St Albans have clearly demonstrated their will on a massive turnout and [Anne Main] no longer represented them on the single most important decision this country has made for many years.

“I hope she will now accept “the will of people” of St Albans and resign her post.”

David Redcastle, St Albans: “Dear Anne Main, Looking at the voting figures, that St Albans is the fourth most pro-Remain area in England outside London, rather suggests that your pro-Leave views are entirely contrary to the wishes of your constituents. You are very far from representing the average St Albans citizen.

“Shame on you.”

Jo Farmer, St Albans: “Dear Anne, I am alarmed at reports stating you are ‘very happy’ with the EU referendum results and that you see this is a ‘national decision’, which you interpret as meaning you can ignore the clear mandate from your constituency.

“David Lammy, Nicola Sturgeon and others are pushing for MPs to vote on whether to implement the advisory results of the EU referendum. If their efforts succeed, I want you to clarify how you will vote in Parliament – will you continue to push your own personal agenda and back leaving the EU or will you listen and implement the views of 63 per cent of your constituents?”

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Lucy Wells, St Albans: “I was born an EU citizen and many of my plans for the future were based on the understanding that I would remain an EU citizen for the rest of my life. I have studied foreign languages in the hope of maybe working or studying in the EU.

“I am a European before I am British. I am a European and the outcome of this referendum will very soon strip me of that status and force me to declare myself solely British.

“Since the result was announced on Friday, I have felt a great sadness and an increasing desperation and I have spoken to so many people who feel the same way.”

There were also several emails from Harpenden MP Peter Lilley’s constituents:

Paul de Kort, Harpenden: “We cannot let a tactic of divide and rule suppress our common interest. Finding a voice in the next difficult years ahead is too important for that.”

Anthea Lawson, Harpenden: “[Peter Lilley’s] constituency voted to remain in the EU, and so therefore he must represent our views when it comes up in Parliament. If he goes against our clearly stated wishes at that point, then it will be clear that he shouldn’t represent us.”

Jan Gillen, Harpenden: “Surely it is worth asking your readers, given the huge majority in favour of remaining in the EU in this area – whether Peter Lilley, a self styled Eurosceptic and Out campaigner, should be representing the people of this area in Parliament? We don’t need another referendum. Members of Parliament have every right to vote against repeal of the act that led us into Europe.”