Do your bit to create a Wilder St Albans

Verulamium Park.

Verulamium Park. - Credit: Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

A new map offers an opportunity to plot actions across the district which help support wildlife.

The initiative is being run by Wilder St Albans, a project delivered by Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust in partnership with St Albans district council (SADC).

Additions to the Wilder Actions Map may include cutting a hole in a garden fence to create a hedgehog highway, building a pond or planting a hedgerow along your field. The map has already received over 60 submissions with more expected.

Heidi Carruthers, people and wildlife officer for Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, said: “Every step we take matters, and we want to show how all our individual actions are working together to improve the nature network across our district. Small actions add up and can make a huge difference for wildlife. Anyone can contribute to the interactive map and plot actions that they are taking right now.”

Anthony Rowlands, chair of SADC's public realm committee said: “Wilder St Albans is one of the many actions we are undertaking to improve the district’s environment and has been well received by our residents.

“The mapping project is a great way to encourage people to take an active part in this exciting project. I’d urge residents, businesses, schools and community groups to join in and show the rest of the district what you’ve done to help our wildlife thrive.”

Collectively, the Wildlife Trusts across the UK are campaigning for 30 per cent of land and seas to be managed and restored for nature by 2030. In Hertfordshire, towns and urban areas make up 17 per cent of the land area, according to the Hertfordshire State of Nature report. This figure is double the national average, which means nature needs even more help to thrive in the county. Nature travels through corridors such as hedgerows and gardens, and the more connected we can make these areas, the higher the chance our wild species will survive.

Visit the Wilder Actions map at to see how and where people are acting for wildlife across the district and to share your own wild actions. When you submit and entry you will be sent a wooden plaque to display, to let everyone know that you are helping to create a wilder St Albans.