St Albans pharmacist praised for diabetes treatment

Pharmacist Graham Phillips

Pharmacist Graham Phillips has been awarded Health Initiative of the Year for his work with ProLongevity. - Credit: Graham Phillips

A St Albans pharmacist has received a prestigious national award for his efforts in the treatment of diabetes and associated diseases.

Graham Phillips, superintendent pharmacist of Manor Pharmacy triumphed at this year’s Chemist and Druggist Awards, which are now in their 13th year and were held virtually due to the pandemic.

He was awarded Health Initiative of the Year for his work with ProLongevity, a diabetes prevention treatment plan he founded.

The programme involves monitoring a patient using a Freestyle Libre glucose monitor attached to their arm, and using an app to establish links between their diet and corresponding blood sugar levels.

Graham said: “I am both delighted and humbled to receive such a prestigious award. Type 2 diabetes, and associated diseases such as obesity, cardio-vascular disease and dementia are a worldwide pandemic. Helping patients find sustainable solutions to preventing or reversing these long-term conditions by improving their lifestyles via the ProLongevity programme is truly a joy.” 

Manor Pharmacy, which has branches in St Albans, Wheathampstead, Harpenden and Radlett, comes under the umbrella of Alphega Pharmacy and Alliance Healthcare UK, and both organisations praised Graham's achievements.

Raj Nutan, head of Alphega Pharmacy UK said: “All Alphega Pharmacy members demonstrate incredible support for UK patients, day-in-day-out, and we are very proud of all the efforts from community pharmacy, in particular Graham. His commitment, energy and determination to help people in the UK live healthier and happier lives, and fight life-threatening diseases is truly incredible and I am delighted his efforts have achieved this level of recognition.” 

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Mike Smith, non-executive director for Alliance Healthcare, added: “I have known Graham for over 30 years and have a high regard for his professional skills. I joined his ProLongevity programme six months ago and the use of the Freestyle Libre device enables me to identify which foods cause sugar spikes; it is really helping me to improve my Type 2 diabetes.

"This, coupled with Graham’s excellent counselling is potentially a real life saver. I am delighted Graham has received this award which he richly deserves.”