Covid - A Year On: How many COVID-19 deaths has St Albans district seen over the past 12 months?

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Over 300 COVID deaths have been recorded in St Albans district in the year ending February 2021 - Credit: Archant

The pandemic has meant having to read a lot of statistics over the past year. And, with the ONS' February figures released, we now have 12 months worth of COVID death figures on a neighbourhood level. 

Across St Albans, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported 308 deaths up to February 28. This slightly differs from government data, which declares 302 deaths at the end of the month.

Cottonmill and Sopwell saw the most COVID deaths between March 2020 and February 2021, with 28 residents sadly losing their lives to the virus. This accounted for just under 27 per cent of all deaths recorded in the area in that period.

Bricket Wood and Chiswell follow, with 23 deaths recorded involving coronavirus. This accounted for just under 20 per cent of all deaths recorded in the area in the year ending February 2021.

Townsend and New Greens and Verulam Park had 22 deaths in their neighbourhoods. These deaths accounted for 28.6 per cent and 20.6 per cent of deaths respectively. 

The area of St Albans district that saw the fewest deaths due to COVID was Wheathampstead, with seven deaths sadly reported. This is 13.2 per cent of the area's 53 deaths. It's also the area with the lowest COVID deaths per percentage of overall deaths, which is followed closely by St Albans Central, where 13.6 per cent of deaths were coronavirus related.

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