Author's new book explores mental health during the pandemic

Alex Scott, author of Doing My Head In!

Alex Scott, author of Doing My Head In! - Credit: Alex Scott

A Bricket Wood author and musician has released a book on how to deal with mental health issues amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 'Doing My Head In!', Alex Scott talks us through his approach on dealing with a series of different mental health issues directly associated with the impact of the pandemic on our daily lives and routines.

He addresses at a deeper and more detailed level the psychological effects of Covid and how to overcome its life disrupting aspects and repercussions on mental health.

The book also provides an effective and long-term approach on how to cope with the aftermath of the pandemic beyond the virus itself.

Based on his personal experience battling severe depression post-pandemic, the author unfolds the highly inspirational story of his recovery from this life-threatening illness, with the aim of providing a feeling of incentive and comfort to the readers.

Having overcome his demons, Alex wanted to demonstrate to readers that it is possible to fight mental illness and win.

“I thought that my book may be of interest, particularly in light of the exponential growth of infections, and what it will lead to," he said.

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This book addresses a series of sensitive subjects like depression, social anxiety, stress, mental health in children and young adults, as well as phobias, suicide and alcoholism, while suggesting a wide range of healthy coping mechanisms and creative therapies to fight mental illness such as diets, exercise, mindfulness and visualisation.

The book also comes with a bonus – a song with the same title, written, produced, and performed by Alex Scott: “Being a songwriter, it wouldn’t be complete without me writing a song to promote it!” he added.

With the recent increase of mental health disorders as a consequence of the pandemic, Alex recommends 'Doing My Head In!' to anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, or any other mental illness seeking strategies that apply to both workplace as well as an individual’s personal life.

If you are struggling with mental health disorders or experiencing suicidal thoughts please seek professional help: call Samaritans helpline on 116 123.