COVID-19 deaths across Hertfordshire hit new milestone

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The data comes from Public Health England - Credit: Archant

The total deaths attributed to coronavirus across Hertfordshire has surpassed 1,500, according to data provided by Public Health England (PHE).

As of Wednesday, January 13, 1,548 people had died after having COVID-19 across Hertfordshire's 10 districts and boroughs.

PHE's data, which is available on the government's coronavirus dashboard, displays daily and cumulative figures for deaths across England, with data for the most recent five days being incomplete and subject to change.

As of January 13, the breakdown of coronavirus deaths by area are as follows:

  • North Herts: 134
  • Stevenage: 77
  • East Herts: 138
  • Welwyn Hatfield: 130
  • Hertsmere: 213
  • St Albans: 209
  • Watford: 167
  • Dacorum: 193
  • Three Rivers: 148
  • Broxbourne: 139

The number of deaths recorded is based on those who died within 28 days of the first positive COVID-19 test. 

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