MoonWalk success for the St Albans cancer survivor and her Belgian Buns

The Belgian Buns.

The Belgian Buns. - Credit: Nic MacKinnon

A cancer survivor was joined by a group of friends to complete a marathon-length night-time walk and raise almost £4K for charity.

In July 2019, St Albans mum Nic MacKinnon found a lump in her breast that turned out to be cancer. Following six months of treatment and surgery, she is now cancer-free.

To celebrate and help raise money for breast cancer charities, she joined nine friends and family for the MoonWalk London 2022, parading through the capital's streets wearing decorated bras along with 7,000 other supporters.

The team is called The Belgian Buns, as Nic explained: “When I was ill, my friend wanted to make me feel better so bought me a box of cakes to cheer me up. When I opened the box and there were two Belgian buns inside, looking like a pair of boobs, the joke stuck and the team name was formed.

"The atmosphere was amazing and there are volunteers cheering, car drivers beeping their horns and late night clubbers celebrating with you as you walk. It got a bit tough at around mile 16-18 as you’ve been awake a long time and there are less landmarks to look at but we pushed through, kept each other going and made it over the finish line. All a bit achy afterwards but so pleased we did it.

"I wanted to walk the marathon to draw a line under the cancer and put it behind me and the team that walked with me are the friends and family that got me through it. I am so grateful that when I asked them to join in, they didn’t hesitate to say yes! They really are amazing.

"Please support us if you can - the team walking with me are my closest friends and family and I wouldn't have got through this without them. I am grateful for their ongoing love and support and especially for being mad enough to walk a marathon through the night with me just because I asked them to."

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