Residents receive COVID-19 vaccinations as planned despite 'chaotic' delays


Queues of over 80s formed at Batchwood Hall today (January 7) as part of the NHS' COVID-19 vaccination programme. - Credit: Stan Kiddle

People should not be dissuaded from getting their COVID-19 vaccine despite delays at Batchwood Hall yesterday (January 7) after a brief technical issue.

A representative of Herts Valleys CCG said yesterday that a temporary WiFi issue lead to the backlog, but reassured that everyone with an appointment was vaccinated, and delays were rectified by lunchtime on Thursday.

Batchwood Hall, where Club Batchwood is based. Picture: Danny Loo

Batchwood Hall has been used as a vaccination centre since December. - Credit: Archant

A St Albans resident, who accompanied her 91-year-old partner for his vaccination at Batchwood Hall yesterday morning, told the Herts Ad that the queue was "very, very chaotic" and that the roads outside the hall were "choc-a-block", because people with appointments were still trying to get in. 

"When I saw them standing there shivering I thought 'blimey, what's happening?'" she added.

She continued to say that the taxi she and her partner used to attend the clinic - which usually cost around £5 - cost £17.50 due to the delays, labelling the queues a "disaster".

When the Herts Ad informed the resident of the reasoning behind the delays, she and her partner praised the NHS, saying the service once inside the hall was good, despite the particularly cold weather conditions.

A spokesperson for Herts Valleys CCG made an additional comment today, saying: “All patients booked in for their vaccinations received them before lunchtime as planned.

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"There were some temporary issues at Batchwood vaccination centre in St Albans yesterday morning, due to a WiFi problem that meant staff temporarily needed to move to a paper-based check-in system.

"The NHS will let people know when it's their turn to have the vaccine. It's important not to contact the NHS for a vaccination before then."