Have your say on issues in St Albans

AN OPPORTUNITY to share your opinions on issues relevant to the St Albans community is being set up by a local market research agency.

Feedback Consumer Research, based in Porters Wood, is setting up a panel of residents and workers with the aim of bringing them together to share their views for the benefit of the community and local businesses.

The agency, which has been based in St Albans for the last six years, specialises in global and national on-line research but identified that there is nothing operating at a local level to help local businesses make better marketing decisions. The St Albans panel has been launched to fill this gap.

Chris Nash, the director heading up the panel, explained: “This is a very exciting new venture.

“The plan is to set-up a panel of local people who will be asked questions via on-line surveys and I’m hoping that in this way we can canvass opinion on local (non-commercial) hot topics and provide an opportunity for local businesses to get involved with their own questions.

“I see our role being the facilitator in the process and offering help where we can. What’s unique about the whole idea is that we’re planning to feedback the results to some of the questions to help inform and stimulate debate.

“We’re going to be relying on lots of co-operation to help get this project up and running but truly believe that we can build something that is of genuine value to everyone who decides to get involved.”

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If you’re a local resident and want to have your say then sign-up to the panel now. The results of hot topic questions will be published in future editions of the Herts Advertiser and on www.whatsonstalbans.co.uk so that you can read about the opinions of other residents.

If you would like to join the panel go to www.stalbanspanel.co.uk and complete the on-line registration form or click on the link on this page which is at the top of this page under ‘related links’.

If you are a local business who would like to include questions on one of the local surveys, please contact Chris Nash at chris@feedbackconsumer.co.uk or Morwenna Ellis at morwenna@feedbackconsumer.co.uk, alternatively phone 01727 815184 and we’ll be happy to help.