Harpenden woman urges people to wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Harpenden breast surgeon Harleen Deol.

Harpenden breast surgeon Harleen Deol. - Credit: Archant

A Harpenden surgeon is calling on people to wear pink in support of this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Harpenden resident Dana Allen is encouraging women to carry out self-checks on a regular basis for B

Harpenden resident Dana Allen is encouraging women to carry out self-checks on a regular basis for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Picture: Spire Harpenden Hospital - Credit: Archant

Consultant breast surgeon Harleen Deol is leading colleagues at Spire Harpenden Hospital in adding a touch of pink to their outfits throughout October as a light-hearted way of highlighting a serious message about checking for lumps.

She explained: "Statistics show that increased awareness and through high-profile campaigns can influence the behaviour of women across the UK. We need to ensure that every woman knows how to carry out effective self-check procedures and, just as importantly, what to do if she thinks something is wrong.

"It is important to get an early appointment with a GP to discuss any new concerning changes in their breasts. The patient will then receive informed advice and, if necessary, be referred to a specialist breast surgeon for appropriate investigation."

One of Spire's local patients is Harpenden resident Dana Allen, who developed an infection on her right breast while on holiday.

After a routine mammogram, it was discovered that she had a cancerous tumour right at the back of her breast.

Dana was then referred to a consultant who surgically removed the tumour before she underwent courses in chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She finished her treatment in January.

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She said: "I went through a lot of good and bad times throughout my treatments but I was supported and sustained by my faith in God and my lovely and amazing family and friends."

Now she is encouraging other women to carry out self-checks of their breasts on a regular basis and not to be shy if they spot something that 'doesn't seem right'.

"Be aware of your body. Even the slightest change may be signalling something. Early treatment is so important when it comes to results, so don't delay in visiting your GP."

Charity Breast Cancer Care is promoting the call for people to wear pink this month, and a spokesperson added: "It is a chance, not just to show your support but also of getting people to focus on the issues surrounding breast cancer - such as the importance of self-checks and the need to seek medical advice if you think anything is wrong,"