Harpenden woman involved in St Albans car crash is still no closer to a resolution

Nicola Antoine

Nicola Antoine - Credit: Archant

A young mum who was hit by a car over two years ago has urged witnesses to come forward as the accident left her unable to pick up her child.

Nicola Antoine, 26, of Harpenden, was on her way home from work at the Slug and Lettuce in Victoria Street in St Albans, on Tuesday, November 26 2012, when she was involved in the incident.

She said: “I was walking home towards the station because my car was parked in Ridgmont Road.

“I was stopped at the traffic light crossing at the end of Alma Road and the lights were on red and the lights on Victoria Street were on a solid amber and the cars turning right from there had stopped.

“Myself and another pedestrian went to cross the road but it wasn’t until I was halfway across that I saw the headlights and it was too late.

“It was about 5.30pm so it wasn’t that dark so the driver would have seen me coming.”

She added that initially she was told she had concussion and muscular damage but ever since, she has had to undergo physiotherapy because of damage to her left knee that can’t be operated on.

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“The whole thing was very surreal when it happened.

“It did take me a while to confidently cross the road and even know I am still aware that just because the cars are stopped on amber it doesn’t mean it is safe to cross because someone could still go.

“I went to Loreto College which is nearby so I am familiar with that area and that road in particular.”

She explained that she has taken a claim out against the driver who has denied responsiblity.

“The accident has a huge impact on me as I can no longer bend down to pick up my six-year-old son and it affected my career.

“I know it was a long time ago and people might be apprehensive about coming forward but it was a busy evening so I’m hoping to jog someone’s memory.”

Anyone with information can contact Nicola on antoine.nicola@yahoo.com.