Harpenden transport plan gets go-ahead

IMPROVEMENTS designed to ease transport problems in Harpenden have been given the green light.

The district council’s cabinet last week endorsed the final draft of Herts Highways’ Harpenden Urban Transport Plan, a document which identifies transport problems in the area and sets out possible schemes to help overcome them.

Proposed improvements to the cycle network include providing local links from the National Cycle Network to key destinations such as the town centre and the railway station, enhancing existing routes, increasing cycle parking facilities and promoting cycle routes.

There are also plans in the document to make access to the railway station easier by providing better cycle, bus and car parking facilities as well as initiatives such as resident-led expansion to controlled parking zones, encouraging greater uptake of Safer Routes to Schools, developing travel plans for employers and promoting sustainable modes of travel.

Examples of proposals to tackle safety concerns include making improvements to streets where speed compliance issues have been identified, introducing clearer road signage and increasing the provision of Community Transport services.

There are now several further stages that the plan still has to go through before it can be put into action.

After going to the St Albans Highways Joint Member Panel last week, it will then go to Herts County Council’s Highways and Transport Panel for adoption.

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Once it has been approved it will form part of the county council’s Local Transport Plan, along with the two urban transport plans for St Albans which were published in 2009.

The Harpenden Urban Transport Plan has been developed in consultation with the district council, Harpenden Town Council, Herts County Council and local residents.