Harpenden teacher’s holocaust work published

GCSE pupils learning about the Holocaust have provided the inspiration for a school’s subject head to have his work published by the Historical Association.

David Waters, head of history at St George’s School in Sun Lane, Harpenden (pictured above with some of his Year 11 students) used previous visits to Berlin with GCSE students as the basis of an article explaining and describing the Holocaust to schoolchildren.

His work on the subject forms the main article in the Historical Association’s special January Holocaust edition and has received plenty of plaudits.

Students at St George’s have been visiting Berlin for a number of years as part of their GCSE studies. David knows the city well and has mapped out a detailed itinerary to reveal the layers of the city’s history and make the tragedy of the Holocaust come alive.

He commented: “My tours take in places in addition to visits to the normal sites connected with Holocaust studies. What we see and uncover can really stir up strong emotions as we learn together by actually seeing areas that featured in this dreadful period of history.”

Headteacher Norman Hoare said the subject of 20th-Century history was a major part of the school’s work at senior level and its success could be seen in the “excellent results” achieved by the department and the huge numbers who went on to study the subject at A-level and university.