Swordsman from Harpenden launches memoir

Harpenden swordsman Andy Wilkinson is launching his book this month. 

Harpenden swordsman Andy Wilkinson is launching his book this month. - Credit: Supplied

A Harpenden swordsman is launching a memoir for aspiring actors, swordsmen, fight choreographers, film directors and film lovers.

Andy Wilkinson, author of 'Take One, Action!' offers a sneaky peek behind the scenes of swordplay in film.

The Hertfordshire man has appeared in over seventy-three films, including many Hollywood blockbusters.

The book will appeal to theatre, film and fencing students, entertainment historians and those who thirst for an insight into the world of swordsmen and the art of making movies.

It also incorporates intriguing nuggets of information from both swordplay and film worlds, such as: Why do spiral staircases rise clockwise? Which Hollywood star was a British Army fencing champion? Where did the term slapstick originate? 

Andy is the only UK sword master to win the world title at the prestigious International World Artistic Fencing Championships organised by the Federation Internationale d’Escrime and the Academie D’ Armes Internationale. 

The book is available from February 28 priced £9.99.