Harpenden schoolgirl impaled on spike chain

A YOUNG girl has been told by doctors that she was lucky to escape serious injury after tripping onto a spike and impaling her thigh.

Maisie London, 11, was rushing alongside Church Green outside Marks and Spencer in the town to return a library book when she tripped and fell onto the spiked chains. The spike tore her jeans and pierced her thigh.

Maisie called her mum who was at the swimming pool and initially dismissed the accident, but when Maisie arrived at the pool with blood all over her legs, her mother, Debbi London, knew it was more serious.

She said: “I think she was in shock and she didn’t realise how painful it was until she saw me. The first aiders attended to her but it was a massive hole and they called an ambulance. The paramedic knew straight away that it was serious and would require a trip to the hospital.”


Maisie was then taken to the Luton and Dunstable Hospital where she was told by a doctor that the spike had penetrated her thigh muscle and she would need eight stitches.

The doctor explained that had Maisie fallen and landed on any other part of her body, like her chest or stomach, the incident could have been fatal.

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Harpenden Town Council said it was currently unable to comment but that it would be willing to discuss the matter with Debbi. She has said she will be contacting the council to make sure something is done about the chains.

She added: “I can’t see why the spikes are needed. I wasn’t born in Harpenden but I have friends who were and two of them told me that during their childhood, they were also hurt on these chains.

“I’m just grateful that she wasn’t seriously hurt and only hope it doesn’t happen to anybody else.”

Maisie who attends Roundwood Park School and is an avid footballer is now resting her leg and hoping it won’t leave a visible scar.