Harpenden school granted events licence

Roundwood Park school

Roundwood Park school - Credit: Archant

A Harpenden secondary school has been granted a premises licence despite 43 objections from neighbouring residents.

St Albans district council’s licensing sub-committee approved Roundwood Park School’s licence to hold events, including live and recorded music, seven days a week.

But it set down a range of conditions, including that all entry and exit points are to be covered by CCTV to enable identification of every person entering the premises.

And the school must ensure a CCTV system is continually recording while its premises are open for licensable activities.

Also, school staff have to monitor noise and make sure live or recorded music is not audible at the boundary close to its nearest neighbour.

Residents had objected to the application citing concerns about noise and additional traffic, with one neighbour saying it was not appropriate for the school to become an “entertainment venue”.

The committee admitted there was “some evidence from residents of noise and disturbance caused by events at the school”.

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Alan Henshall, headteacher of Roundwood, said the school was “very pleased” to have been granted the licence as it would help, “streamline our application processes for events”.

The school had historically been using a temporary events notice application for each function, which it had found time consuming.

Mr Henshall added: “We recognise and welcome that the terms of the licence oblige us to continue to be considerate neighbours to the residents of Roundwood Park and other streets surrounding the school.”

As a result of “misunderstandings” during the application process, Roundwood will set up a residents’ committee to meet regularly with key members of the school community to discuss forthcoming events and any concerns.