Harpenden road humps to return

HARPENDEN residents enjoying a respite from annoying road humps on a recently resurfaced road have been warned not to get too used to the flat surface – because the dreaded bumps will be back.

Harpenden resident, Alan Hall, described what a pleasure it was driving home along Topstreet Way, “now that it has been resurfaced and the dreaded ‘humps and bumps’ removed.”

He went on: “It used to be one of the worst roads to navigate in Harpenden with its rows of triple humps and stationary cars parked on either side. One was always in danger of being struck by an oncoming driver concentrating more on guiding his vehicle across a hump than avoiding other moving cars or pedestrians.”

Alan even congratulated the highways department on a, “wise decision.”

But it looks as though he celebrated the level surface too soon. A spokeswoman for Herts Highways confirmed that the road humps would be replaced in about a fortnight’s time after the new road surface had hardened.

She did not have details of how many humps would be placed on the residential road, but explained: “The road humps were part of a package of traffic-calming measures proposed to improve road safety in Harpenden, particularly Crabtree Lane junction with Topstreet Way, and also the junction with Milton Road.”

Another Harpenden resident Mike Cobley said he was not very happy about the return of the humps. He explained: “It is really nice to drive along without them.”

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He said that after nearby Crabtree Lane was resurfaced Herts Highways later placed rubberised road humps on the stretch and it, “was hard work to get over them. We seem to go mad for them.”

Mike also criticised Herts Highways over road repairs on his street, Milton Road, which were supposed to have been completed by the end of February but, “the workers have disappeared.”

The county spokeswoman said: “The roadworks were more or less completed on February 28, apart from road markings, which will be painted on March 17.”

n Veolia Water has apologised to residents for causing inconvenience after carrying out repair work on a leaking fire hydrant in Topstreet Way just days after the road was resurfaced.

A spokeswoman said: “Veolia Water is aware that the road was recently resurfaced by the Highways Authority, but the leak on the hydrant was discovered after this work had been completed. It was vital that this leak was repaired, which involved further excavations. The road was reinstated at the end of last week.”