Grateful Thameslink passenger injured at Harpenden station thanks staff with cake

Harpenden Train Station. Picture: DANNY LOO

Harpenden Train Station. Picture: DANNY LOO - Credit: Picture: DANNY LOO

A passenger who was injured in a fall at Harpenden station has delivered a cake to staff to thank them for their help.

Witnesses reported a man was pushed over by a crowd clamouring to catch the 7.58am train to London on Wednesday, May 23. He then fell onto a woman, who screamed and fell head first to the ground.

Commuter Gilly Taylor said: “She came off worst because of the force of the man taking her out.

“A few of us stopped to help and the people working at the station called 999.

“It was a significant issue, not just a trip and I am convinced it was on account of the fact everyone was running for that train because the next one at 8.06am was not running, so this was the only train that could get you to London for 9am.”

An ambulance arrived to assess both patients, who were treated for minor injuries.

A Thameslink spokesperson said: “The train scheduled to form the 8.06am from Harpenden to Farringdon developed a fault during the night and was advertised on the Customer Information System as cancelled from 1.20am that morning.

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“It appears some passengers intending to catch this train noticed its cancellation shortly before the 7.58am was due to depart, and rushed for the earlier service.

“One passenger told staff that in his rush he lost his footing on the stairs and fell, causing another passenger behind him to fall as well.

“Station staff heard noise and went to help the passengers. They followed their training, calling for an ambulance immediately. As instructed over the phone by the ambulance service, they did not move the injured passengers, but gave them first aid and water.

“At least one member of staff stayed with the passengers for the entire time while waiting for the ambulance, and others checked frequently if further help was needed.

“One passenger had a broken tooth and cut chin, and may have damaged his jaw, while the other had bruising on a leg and a cheek, but despite their injuries they appeared in good spirits.

“Paramedics arrived at about 9.30am and treated the passengers there.

“The passengers were very thankful to staff for the help and support, so much so that one delivered a cake to the station in the afternoon, for which our staff were very grateful in turn. We wish both passengers a speedy recovery.”