Harpenden pervert fixated with soiled nappies

Malcolm Angell

Malcolm Angell - Credit: Archant

STORING more than a dozen dirty nappies under his bed saw a Harpenden resident come before the courts again on Friday for flouting his sexual offences prevention order.

Malcolm Angell, 62, was placed under a number of restrictions last year after he finished serving his five-year prison sentence for having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl whom he met on the internet.

But in February Angell, who is a registered sex offender, breached the terms of the sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) when he was found in possession of 15 soiled nappies which he had taken from baby changing rooms in St Albans.

When police officers searched his home they also discovered 30 books about pregnancy and a nappy disposal system, which Angell said he had purchased the previous week.

St Albans Crown Court heard from prosecutor George Heimler how Angell claimed he brought the books to learn more about babies in case he had a child of his own in the future or knew somebody who had a baby.

Mr Heimler went on: “He said he didn’t obtain any sexual gratification from having soiled nappies or looking at baby books.”

Sally Jackson, defending, pointed out this offence was of a different nature to the one he was convicted of in 2004.

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She told the court: “The terms of the SOPO that relate to that offence he would not breach and has not breached and he fully aware of the consequences.”

Judge John Plumstead agreed but said regardless, Angell’s behaviour was “terribly troubling” and said he could not be sure of his motivation to have the baby-related items.

The probation service had recommended Angell should serve a community order with a one-year supervision requirement but Judge Plumstead extended this to two years.

Passing sentence he said: “Some years ago you committed a very serious set of sexual offences involving molesting a child; the repetition of that would lead to a very long sentence indeed.

“This is a different kind of offending and has not involved you interfering with a child so I am able to deal with you like this which is in a more lenient way.”

Judge Plumstead also reiterated that Angell must comply with the terms of his indefinite SOPO, which was imposed in August 2012 at the request of Herts Police, or face being brought straight back to court.

Giving Angell a final warning he added: “If you don’t behave I will see you again and lock you up.