Harpenden mum reveals all about living with disabled son in a blog

Jude enjoys spending time outside and occasionally does some gardening with his mum

Jude enjoys spending time outside and occasionally does some gardening with his mum - Credit: Archant

Wanting to share her experiences of living with a disabled son has prompted a mother to start an online blog.

Alice Soule, 35, of Harpenden, started her blog “Living With A Jude” five months ago, to give people an insight into the reality of living with a child with disabilities. She writes about her 10-year-old son Jude, who was born with microcephaly and global development delay which means he has severe learning disabilities and a cognitive age of four.

Alice began the blog because she thought it was a “good platform in which to educate people” about having a disabled child.

She said: “I’m very honest in my blog and I wanted to express my worries and concerns in words.

“I was very aware how isolated you can feel having a disabled child and you don’t really feel part of real society.

“There are a lot of things you can’t involve yourself in and I thought I would reach out to people with a similar lifestyle as a bit of reassurance for them.”

Jude has two sisters, Elsa, seven, and Emmeline, one, and attends a special needs school in Hatfield. He has undiagnosed autism and Alice shares the details of her day-to-day life and coping with his disabilities.

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She continued: “He will need support his whole life and he has no sense of danger; crossing the road is one example of how the girls have to grow up quicker than normal.

“I remember only having one hand free when crossing the road and I held Jude’s rather than a two and a half year old Elsa’s, because she was more mature than he was at five.”

Alice has around 450 people reading the blog posts and 193 followers. Her blog is also featured on the websites of local charities such as Jubilee House, which provides care and support for adults and children with learning disabilities.

She is a spokesperson for Happy Days - a charity that helps terminally ill and disabled children - and gives her opinion to the charity when it is needed.

She hopes to raise awareness with her blog so “nobody experiences the negativity that many families do when out with their disabled child” and believes that she has “learnt a lot” from her son.

She said: “From Jude I’ve learnt not to take things quite so seriously and I’ve also developed a thick skin to account for some really unwanted comments.

“He also taught me to trust people and to rely on people around me and to not worry what others think.”

To see Alice’s blog, visit: www.livingwithajude.co.uk