Harpenden’s ‘medical miracle’ thanks Welwyn Garden City heroes who saved his life

Mike Buzzacott and his wife are grateful for the intervention of police and the public to save his l

Mike Buzzacott and his wife are grateful for the intervention of police and the public to save his life when he had a cardiac arrest. Picture: supplied by Mike Buzzacott - Credit: supplied by Mike Buzzacott

A Harpenden man who has made a miraculous recovery after a cardiac arrest in Welwyn Garden City is thanking the strangers who rushed to his aid and made “the difference between life and death”.

On February 12, Mike and Kathryn Buzzacott were leaving the cinema at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, when Mike suffered a cardiac arrest.

Immediately, Kathryn screamed for help.

A nearby couple ran to his aid, performing CPR, while a cinema staff member dialled 999 and brought out a defibrillator.

PC Jordan Willett then arrived and took over the CPR efforts, taking him from having no pulse to being able to breathe on his own.

“The people who helped at the time were the difference between life and death,” said Mike.

The 71-year-old stayed in an induced coma for four days, his worried family gathered around him, before he was gradually brought back.

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“They warned my wife that I might not come round, that I might be a vegetable,” said Mike.

Mike woke up but, even for his recovery, the registrar told them not to get their hopes up,

Amazingly, Mike has almost completely recovered in what his consultant has called “a medical miracle”.

Two months later, Mike now goes out on regular walks and is grateful for the strangers who rushed to save his life.

On Friday, he met with PC Willett to shake his hand.

Recalling the emergency, PC Willett said: “As soon as I arrived I could see a crowd gathered around the gentleman.

“My instant reaction was to check for signs of life and commence CPR. Eventually we got a pulse back.

“I have been very fortunate to meet a man who was effectively deceased when I saw him last.”

PC Willett, who is delighted by Mike’s recovery, also urged the public to get training in CPR and to be confident in using it.

Understandably enough, Kathryn had been too distressed to take the contact details of the others who helped – so their identities remain a mystery.

Mike hopes they will read this article and know how grateful he and his family are.

“There are a lot of kind people about,” he said.

“My survival chances were very small but, thanks to some wonderful people, I made it.”

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