Harpenden man gorey stag night

IT IS the tale of the stag versus a bull – and there was only ever going to be one winner.

Joe Tennant, who got married last Saturday, was taken on his traditional pre-wedding party in Valencia the previous weekend only for an uninvited, and rather hairy, guest to nearly ruin the celebrations.

Mr Tennant, 28, who lives in Harpenden, was taken on a surprise trip to a bull ring dressed as a matador and ended up being gored just below his right buttock by one of the baby animal’s horns.

After having a few drinks before entering the ring the previous Saturday afternoon, Mr Tennant – who is captain of Harpenden rugby club’s first team – bravely provoked the bull by waving his red flag before sidestepping it twice when it charged.

The third time he was not so lucky however and the bull sent him flying into the air and left a gash about an inch deep in his leg.

But after being patched up by his friends and family, Mr Tennant continued with the festivities until he returned to England where he sought medical advice at St Albans City Hospital.

Mr Tennant’s brother and best man, Dan, 24, said: “We underestimated the size of the bull, I thought it wouldn’t have the horns!

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“It was probably about 150kg so health and safety obviously isn’t taken too seriously in Valencia. Joe took it in good heart though, he got patched up and was back out there for the rest of the weekend.

“On the plus side he was quite chuffed to hear it was the first bullfighting injury ever to be registered at St Albans City Hospital.’

Mr Tennant, who married Sue Cawrey in Harpenden on Saturday, was unavailable for comment as he was still nursing a bruised ego and backside.