Harpenden man develops accessibility app, assist-Mi, for disabled community

Dom Hyams wants everyone to be part of the #AccessRevolution

Dom Hyams wants everyone to be part of the #AccessRevolution - Credit: Archant

A man living with brittle bone disease is championing the disabled community by raising funds for an accessibility app.

Dom Hyams wants people to be on the look out for the stolen wheelchair

Dom Hyams wants people to be on the look out for the stolen wheelchair - Credit: Archant

Dominic Hyams, 27, of Harpenden, has recently joined a team of people creating an app which aims to get the nation involved in an ‘access revolution’.

The app, called ‘assist-Mi’, enables the disabled community to alert destinations that they are planning to visit, so access to buildings/transport is as easy as possible.

Dom said: “It keeps it discreet for disabled people, it makes it easier for them. If there are any queries anywhere then they are made aware in advance.

“For example, if I was going into London St Pancras and the lift wasn’t working, I could be made aware of that and instead get off at Farringdon.

“It’s about getting the real access that you need without making big deal about it.”

The app has already drummed up an impressive following, with Paralympic presenter Clare Balding and Polar Music Prize-winning deaf percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie getting behind it.

The assist-Mi team has generated its own hashtag ‘#AccessRevolution’ and although the app is already live, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund advertising to get the app used nationwide, and eventually across the globe.

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Clare Balding said: “Share this far an wide with everyone you know. Pledge some money for these amazing rewards to ensure that the world becomes a more inclusive and accessible place.”

The assist-Mi team want to ensure that retail spaces, train stations, airports and petrol stations become easily accessible for the disabled community.

Users can search where they want to go on the app, alert them to their visit and there should be assistance ready for when they arrive.

Dom added: “We want people to take this technology and make sure it goes where they want and need it.

“Let’s take the decision together to change the world- join the #AccessRevolution”.

The team reached their target of. raising more than £50,000.