Ferret TV comes to Harpenden

Kate Russell launches her live ferrett stream in Harpenden. Picture: Kate Russell

Kate Russell launches her live ferrett stream in Harpenden. Picture: Kate Russell - Credit: Archant

A former BBC technology journalist is retiring to set up a live web cam of ferrets from her studio.

Harpenden-based Kate Russell and business partner Richy Reay will launch FerretTube following a chance encounter with an abandoned ferret during lockdown.

The channel kicks off at 6pm on Friday, August 7 and will stream 24/7 on Twitch providing high quality edutainment around the care of ferrets.

Kate said: “The idea for FerretTube came after finding an abandoned ferret. I realised I wanted to do something that combines my tech and filming experience with my belief that streaming is the future of broadcasting, and also to share my love of animals. Like many others in the entertainment industry, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on my career and while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed travelling the globe to film and speak at conferences, now feels like the right time to do this.”

FerretTube will stream the lives of two ferrets adopted by Kate, who originally trained as a veterinary nurse.

The channel will feature 24/7 footage of the ferrets in their purpose-built enclosure filmed using four high definition cameras. Kate will produce and present weekly in-depth features about caring for ferrets, playing host to special guests and engaging in audience-led workshops to design and build creative ways to entertain the ferrets.

Kate said that they want to have lots of fun, and show the reality of getting and keeping a pet ferret. She added that by sharing the up close and personal journey through the life of a pet ferret, she wants to help viewers understand all aspects of what’s involved.

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Kate said: “History is going to look back on this period as a turning point for the way we consume and create entertainment. Through FerretTube we want to demonstrate what is possible when you deliver broadcast production values into direct-to-audience content distribution channels in every kind of genre.”

As the project progresses, Kate and Richy aim to create and share advice and how-to guides encouraging others who want to take streaming more seriously.

Kate concludes: “First and foremost we are committed to giving our ferrets a good, loving home, and educating people about caring for ferrets and exotic animals. But we also want to inspire others to learn how to create broadcast quality content.”