Harpenden history-lover publishes gory 16th century book

Author of the book - James Moore.

Author of the book - James Moore. - Credit: Archant

Gory details of more than 70 murders from the 16th century have been published by a local author.

James Moore, 44, who grew up in Harpenden, has released The Tudor Murder Files - a book which focuses on shocking killings during the Tudor era - including an account of the murder of a young boy in Hatfield.

He got the idea for the book after writing Murder at the Inn last year, a book about crimes and murder in pubs where he came across crimes specific to Tudor times.

James said: “People know about the bloody era of Henry VIII, but I don’t think people know what life was like then and how dangerous it was.

“The chances of being murdered in those times was five times higher than today so I wanted to delve into it and find out more about it.”

James, who attended St Albans School, developed an interest in history after being inspired by buildings around the city while walking to school as a boy.

He said: “I think my love of history came from St Albans’ buildings from the Tudor era.

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“I used to walk through Fishpool Street and if that doesn’t inspire you to take an interest in history then nothing will because it’s a fabulous street of houses.”

James added that the book was not for the faint-hearted.

He said: “What is striking about these cases is that they are as gory and gripping as some of the modern-day murders we are all aware of.

“It brings the era to life as 21st-century people; the motives of lust and greed are as they are today.”

For his next book, James is “sticking with the murder theme but going even further back in time”.

The Tudor Murder Files is priced at £14.99 and is available on Amazon.