Harpenden High Street clock restored

THE clock is now ticking again at a Harpenden High Street store and a certificate has been presented to the shop in recognition of its efforts.

A three-faced clock has been outside outside M&Co’s shop in the High Street, adjacent to The George, since the shop opened but it has not been working.

M&Co has now restored the clock to full working order and Chris Marsden, chairman of The Harpenden Society, presented a Certificate of Merit to Deanna Rogerson, M&Co area manager, to recognise the contribution that the store has made to the town.

Town Mayor Michael Weaver also thanked M&Co and pointed out that the clock had originally been installed by himself when the building was the C&A hardware shop which he managed for a while.

He said: “In 1989 C&A moved from the previous site in Harpenden, now W H Smith and Sainsbury’s, to Kingston House – now the M&Co shop.

“There had often been talk of a Town Clock and as owner of the C&A business I decided to install a three way facing clock.

“In 1985 C&A ceased trading and later the clock stopped working. M&Co is to be congratulated for repairing the clock and restoring it to its former glory.”

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A certificate of merit has also been presented to Bricrest Homes Ltd which owns some of the shop premises in Southdown including the Grove House charity shop.

For many years the clock on the external gable end wall has not been working so Mike Taaffe, managing director of Bricrest Homes, decided to purchase and install a new one.

n Southdown residents have been tidying up and improving the communal open space, Greenway Spinney, which is adjacent to Meadway, off Grove Road.

The residents, known as Friends of Greenway Spinney, are grateful to resident Patrick Fisher who created a wattle fence for the open space – not only did he grow the materials for the new fence he constructed it too.

The Harpenden Society has sent a Letter of Commendation to Patrick in recognition of his work on behalf of the community.