Harpenden family escapes fire

Smoke alarm alerts family of four to blazing dishwasher

A FAMILY of four in Harpenden was saved from potential tragedy after a smoke alarm woke them after their dishwasher caught fire.

Harpenden and Wheathampstead fire crews were called to the fire at Highfield Avenue shortly before 3am on Wednesday September 28.

A spokesman for Herts Fire and Rescue Service said a dishwasher was found ablaze in the kitchen.

Two adults and two children in the house were woken by the bleeping of smoke detectors and were able to leave the property safely before alerting the fire service.

The blaze was quickly extinguished, before too much damage was done to the home.

Officer in charge of Harpenden Fire Station, John McHale, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to remind residents of the importance of having working smoke alarms in their properties.

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“This incident is a prime example where the smoke detectors gave early warning in the very early stages of the fire, which not only allowed the occupants to escape unharmed but significantly reduced property damage by early intervention of the fire crews.”

He went on: “This family did everything right, but without working smoke detectors the outcome could have been very different.”

Hertfordshire county council has reminded residents to fit smoke alarms, test them every week, check that everyone in their household knows what to do and how to safely evacuate their homes, in the event of a fire.

Those wanting a free home safety check can call the Herts fire service freephone number: 0800 5873347 to arrange an appointment.