Thank you to Harpenden street elf delivering goodies to families

Residents of Mons Close in Harpenden have been receiving care packages from 'Elves' since the corona

Residents of Mons Close in Harpenden have been receiving care packages from 'Elves' since the coronavirus lockdown was put in place. Picture: Roslyn Vangundy - Credit: Archant

One Harpenden family has said they have “never felt more welcome” after moving to a street where a mystical elf has been delivering goodies to the door once a week.

Residents of Mons Close in the town have been receiving gift boxes and hampers since the start of the coronavirus lockdown.

Roslyn Vangundy, who moved to the street with her family about five weeks ago, told the Herts Ad she has “never felt more welcome” and the street’s WhatsApp group makes it feel “more like a family”.

“A retired couple have been acting as the elf who leaves special deliveries of food and yummy stuff for all families with children,” she told the Herts Ad.

“The doorbell rings and twice a week a delivery is left on the doorstep with the Elf signature

“We recently moved and received huge welcomes and gifts from elf straight away.

“I’ve never felt this welcome anywhere.

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The care packages have included things like pasta, fish fingers, chips, chocolate and crisps.

Roslyn later worked out it was all courtesy of neighbours Chris and Jayne – otherwise known as the Mons Close Elves.

Roslyn continued: “I was quite shocked, it was so lovely.

“It was when the WhatsApp group it became clear that it was the couple Chris delivering to families.

“It’s just unbelievably lovely. Everyone in the road is looking out for one another, and when this is all over we’re hoping to have a street party.”

The WhatsApp group with the neighbours has become a place for anyone who needs help to reach out to those living closest to them.

These include small acts of kindness like giving someone an egg or an onion when they’re short of odd things.

The family wanted to say a thank you on behalf of the street to the Mons Close Elves.

Other neighbourly acts of kindness born out of the coronavirus crisis include the St Albans Rainbow Trails Easter Eggs Hunt fundraiser, which saw people of all ages displaying their Easter-inspired artwork in their windows, as passersby looked for the golden eggs.

It raised £570 for the NHS and counting – more than five times its £100 target.

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