Harpenden conman jailed for swindling elderly people

Harpenden conman Sean Fury has been sent to prison

Harpenden conman Sean Fury has been sent to prison - Credit: Photo supplied by Herts Police

A “predatory” conman from Harpenden has been sent to prison after he swindled six elderly people, including a 94 year old.

Thirty-two-year-old Sean Fury, of Bloomfield Road, appeared at St Albans Crown Court last Friday (27), where he pleaded guilty to two distraction burglaries and four fraud offences.

He was sentenced to 40 months - three years and four months - imprisonment.

The crimes were committed in March this year, and included him targeting an 88 year old man in Baldock, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Fury claimed to be from the council and that he needed to check trees in his garden.

While the victim was distracted, Fury removed a large amount of money from his house.

In Pitstone, at the home of an elderly woman, Fury said he was carrying out work in her neighbour’s garden and that the fence was loose.

Fury also told her she had a rat’s nest in her garden which needed removing. She paid him cash but he failed to return to carry out the work.

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Two women, both aged in their eighties, were also targeted in separate incidents in St Albans, with Fury claiming their trees needed removing.

He removed cash from the purse of an 82 year old but left the home of an 89 year old when she offered to pay him by cheque.

In Potters Bar, Fury was given money by a 94 year old woman after he claimed her tree needed cutting down.

He was arrested following an investigation by Operation Manhunt – the Herts Police specialist unit set up to investigate distraction burglary and other crimes against the elderly.

After sentencing Detective Constable Samantha Casey said: “Fury targeted people who he knew were older and who he could con into getting money from them.

“Some of his victims were vulnerable because they suffered with memory problems, were immobile or lived alone.

“During sentencing the Recorder Patrick Fields commented that these were ‘predatory offences against the old and vulnerable’.”

DC Casey added: “It’s despicable that someone would go out of their way to target people in this way.”