Harpenden business is suffering from car parking bay changes

A HARPENDEN business says it is struggling to operate after being left with virtually no parking.

Jackson’s Plumbers on the High Street reportedly has nowhere for customers to park or for deliveries to be dropped off due to recent changes on the road.

Lisa Sharp-Greer, who works at the business, said: “The parking bay out the front by Blockbusters has been reduced to 30 minutes, so our customers cannot stay long.”

She added that those bays were originally supposed to change to two hours.

Double yellow lines in Kirkdale Road, on the corner of the High Street, have also made things difficult for the plumbers.

Nearby residents were apparently unhappy with the number of cars and delivery lorries parking on the street, leading to the lines being put in place.

Lisa said: “If you buy a property next to a parade of shops what do you expect?”

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To top off the inconvenience of not having anywhere to park, Lisa said that anyone parking in the street was in danger of receiving a parking ticket.

She said that Jackson’s Plumbers vans had received tickets even though they were clearly parked outside the shop bearing the same name.

She went on: “The police were once called when a van parked in the wrong place. How are we expected to operate? It’s difficult enough trading in the economic climate.”

Lisa added: “We are not the only shop affected in the parade of shops but we have regular deliveries so we are the worst affected.”

Blockbusters is near to Jackson’s Plumbers but does not have the same issues as a worker explained: “There’s not a huge lot of parking but it makes do and seems to work.”

Mike Lovelady, head of legal services at St Albans council, said: “The parking changes along the High Street and Kirkdale Road in Harpenden were made earlier this year, following discussions with Harpenden Town Council.

“The bays outside Jackson’s were identified as being suitable for a 30-minute maximum parking period to assist businesses by increasing turnover of parking spaces and making it possible for more people to park in the town centre during the course of a day.

“The double yellow lines have been installed at the junction of Kirkdale Road with the High Street to stop inconsiderate all day parking which previously blocked access to residents’ properties and restricted sightlines when exiting Kirkdale Road.”

He added: “Delivery vehicles are entitled to load and unload on double yellow lines for short periods. The removal of all day parking at the entrance of Kirkdale Road leaves the area more available for delivery vehicles for shops in that area, rather than less available.”