Harpenden artist leads project inspired by Rio Olympics

The project was put together to celebrate the Rio Olympics

The project was put together to celebrate the Rio Olympics - Credit: Archant

Taking the theme of Rubik’s Cube, a local artist has created an Olympic-inspired mural as part of an art project in Rio.

Andy Bunce, 31, of Harpenden, worked with a group of young people to create the large-scale art piece while volunteering for Articulate - a charity that provides access to art for disadvantaged children.

The project was put together in partnership with Everything is Possible - a non-profit organisation that also focus on helping underprivileged young people. They organised a youth exchange with teenagers from the UK, Hungary and Brazil who then took part in the art scheme.

The mural took just under two days to complete and features Olympic rings and flags to show where the teenagers had come from in a design similar to Rubik’s Cube.

The mural was painted in a community centre in Rio that is also used to put on art activities for young people in the area.

Andy, who led the project, said: “The idea was to create something that they could leave behind as a memory of the youth exchange as well as the Olympics.”

The group combined their different cultures in the mural based on an idea that kept coming up in brainstorming sessions and the Rubik’s Cube design was chosen by the Hungarian volunteers as it is an invention by their country.

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Andy added: “We usually work in places where we feel there is a need for it; for example, children coming from disadvantaged situations where they don’t have many opportunities to be creative and play in a safe environment.

“The organisation focuses on providing fun, safe, educational and engaging art activities for children.”