Harlem Shake comes to St Albans

Harlem Shake at Phoenix Barber Co in St Albans

Harlem Shake at Phoenix Barber Co in St Albans - Credit: Photo supplied

A LITTLE slice of Australia came to St Albans recently when barbers donned silly costumes and headgear before taking part in the Harlem Shake internet dance craze that has swept the globe.

Paul Murray, director of Phoenix Barber Co, The Quadrant, said: “Our Harlem Shake, which was done purely for the fun of it, was filmed on Sunday (3) lunchtime - to the astonishment of the people waiting at the bus stop outside!

“We asked for volunteers on our Facebook page and Twitter feed and had no idea if people would turn up until the moment of filming.

“It went on YouTube on Sunday night and has had viewings from 27 different countries to date.”

Paul added: “It’s certainly proving to be a conversation piece in the shop even if no one, including us, can explain exactly what a Harlem Shake actually is.”

The barber shop’s YouTube video had 620 hits within a day.

The internet meme has gained huge popularity as it has been performed in the oddest of places – from inside planes to mines Down Under.

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The craze, which began in Queensland, revolves around one person, usually wearing an unusual mask, dancing to music while those nearby initially ignore him or her.

Then suddenly everyone starts bopping madly to US DJ Baauer’s smash dance track, Harlem Shake.