Guinea pigs abandoned in Sandridge layby

The pair of abandoned guinea pigs

The pair of abandoned guinea pigs - Credit: Archant

Two guinea pigs were found on Tuesday abandoned in an upturned box in a layby near St Albans.

The ginger and white guinea pigs are both young boars (males) and were discovered in Nashes Farm Lane in Sandridge.

RSPCA animal collection officer Kate Wright said: “The box was in a disgusting state suggesting that they were probably living in it prior to being abandoned in it.

“They escaped when the member of the public turned the box over to see what it contained but were easily recaptured and are both in a healthy condition.

“It was a reckless thing to leave guinea pigs in such a dangerous environment and I am grateful that they were found before anything happened to them.”

Anyone with any information should call the RSPCA inspector information line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message in confidence.

The boars are now in the care of Kate Wright who also runs a guinea pig rescue. If you are interested in rehoming these pets contact Kate via