Green buses come to St Albans

BUS routes in St Albans will soon be benefiting from more environmentally friendly vehicles which are to be introduced to the network this month.

UNO had just taken delivery of two brand new diesel electric hybrid buses, which will go into service from next Wednesday, March 14.

The new buses have improved fuel consumption, lower emissions than standard buses and qualify for a Low Emission Certificate.

The buses will be used in St Albans as part of the Network St Albans initiative and clean air strategy, including helping tackle air pollution at the Holywell Hill junction.

Jim Thorpe, managing director of University Bus Ltd. and Uno Buses Ltd., said: “Uno Buses are pleased to introduce these hybrid buses, the first the company has bought into the fleet.

“We look forward to improved fuel consumption, lower emissions and increased passenger comfort for our customers in St Albans in the years to come.”

The vehicles were purchased with the assistance of Green Bus Funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) and support from Hertfordshire County Council (HCC).

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The Green Bus Fund is one which helps facilitate the purchase of Low Carbon Emission Buses (LCEB) across England.

A LCEB is able to achieve a 30 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the average Euro 3 diesel bus of the same total passenger capacity, using any technology or fuel.

Stuart Pile, cabinet member for highways and transport at HCC, said: “We fully supported the initial bid and are delighted to see new, low-carbon vehicles now being used in St Albans.

“Public transport has a key role to play in helping to cut carbon emissions in St Albans and the surrounding areas. The introduction of these two low carbon, fuel-efficient buses will be an important step towards achieving the district’s environmental aims and the county’s carbon reduction targets.”