St Albans GP publishes guide to living

St Albans GP Dr Richard Pile is launching a book about wellbeing.

St Albans GP Dr Richard Pile is launching a book about wellbeing. - Credit: Richard Pile

A book exploring what it means to be physically, mentally and spiritually fit has been published by a St Albans GP.

Richard Pile's 'Fit for Purpose' is based on his experience of 20 years as a GP at Parkbury House practice, St Peter’s Street.

He said that the book looks at what it means to be fit for purpose in life: physically, mentally and spiritually. It describes the problems people face, individually and within communities, and summarises the evidence for the key factors that determine wellbeing. It lays down a challenge to avoid treating physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing as separate. 

Richard said:  “Using my knowledge and experience of the worlds of medicine, behavioural change and the Christian faith, I present real life case studies and provide practical recommendations for making changes whether for ourselves, our faith community or wider society.”

Richard, a member at St Paul’s Church, calls on churches and other faith groups to take physical and mental health more seriously, and for faith leaders to both model good health and wellbeing practices, but also to preach and teach about them.

He added: “As a society we have never had so much advantage and yet been so disadvantaged by this very same society which we have built for ourselves. We are ignoring our basic needs when it comes to sleep, nutrition, movement, relaxation, relationships and purpose in life. 

“We face a rising tide of physical health problems, such as obesity and diabetes, and mental health issues such as loneliness and depression. Our medical model is a broken, disease-based one which is not fit to meet our needs, particularly when it comes to preventing health and wellbeing problems.” 

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The book includes advice on sleep, eating, exercise and mental health, and also sets out the wellbeing advantages of having a sense of purpose in life and good relationships. Richard believes, these can be found from religious belief and belonging to a caring faith community.

‘Fit for Purpose’ is published by HarperInspire at £14.99.