GM protest under way at Rothamsted

A PROTEST against the trial of genetically modified wheat in Harpenden is under way.

Campaign group Take the Flour Back have organised a day of action to voice their concerns over the trials being conducted at Rothamsted Research.

The group have said they are concerned about cross-contamination and have described the experiment as “grossly irresponsible”.

Around 250 people are currently gathered in Rothamsted Park having a picnic and a source at the scene described the atmosphere as relaxed and peaceful at present.

Officers from Herts Police are on the scene to keep an eye on proceedings. A spokesperson said: “Hertfordshire Constabulary fully recognise the right of people to demonstrate lawfully and peacefully on public land and will facilitate demonstrations of this nature in Hertfordshire.

“Officers [are] present to ensure that people are able to protest peacefully and we would welcome further contact from the organisers in order to facilitate this. However, as the police we always have a duty to uphold the law and will respond appropriately should and unlawful demonstrations or criminal acts occur.”

Scientists at Rothamsted have pleaded with protesters to come and discuss their concerns and have been speaking this morning about the importance of continuing the trial.

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