General Election 2017: Watch Anne Main be re-elected as St Albans MP

Anne Main after being reelected

Anne Main after being reelected - Credit: Archant

This is the moment when Anne Main was re-elected as St Albans MP for a fourth time.

Conservative Mrs Main won the election with 24,571, a majority of 6,109 votes.

She said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be elected for the fourth time as the Member for St Albans and I could not have done that without my fabulous team.”

Already, St Albans’ movers and shakers have been responding to the election result - which did not see any party win an overrall majority.

Executive director of St Albans Chamber of Commerce, Lisa Bates-Wallis, said: “Now that the campaigning is over, the focus really now needs to be on a period of stability leading our country through the negotiations with the EU, as well as focusing on our economy and various challenges ahead.”

Sue Wybrow of the St Albans Businesses networking group said: “It was a fantastic turn-out for St Albans which is amazing - and great to see that the young people’s vote was high.

“An interesting time ahead for businesses in the area, very keen to see what will happen and very positive to see that people are engaging in politics.”

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