General Election 2017: Green candidate hints at party pact

Former Green Party candidate for St Albans Jack Easton

Former Green Party candidate for St Albans Jack Easton - Credit: Photo supplied

The St Albans Green candidate from the 2015 election has hinted at a cross-party pact in the upcoming election.

The Green Party came last in the 2015 election, polling 2,034 votes, 3.2 per cent of all votes cast.

Former candidate Jack Easton said: “It is something we have to address as to what is in the best interests of the country.”

However, he added he does not want to “deny our natural supporters the right to express their feelings”.

He said the Green Party can offer something different to the constituency, and would be campaigning on the NHS, the voting system, the environment, and Europe.

St Albans voted by a 62 per cent margin to remain in the EU in last year’s referendum.

Mr Easton said: “We are very conscious that half the country would rather be in the EU, and half would rather be out, so we have to unify, giving everyone their say, rather than just the 52 per cent who voted to leave.”