General Election 2017: Find out the who, what, and when as St Albans prepares to go to the polls

General Election 2017: Herts Advertiser

General Election 2017: Herts Advertiser - Credit: Archant

Election day is upon us and on Thursday you will be voting to choose MPs for St Albans and Harpenden - and the next government of the United Kingdom.

If you haven’t applied for a postal vote, you will have been sent details of your local polling station on your polling card and should go along to place your vote sometime between 7am and 10pm, when the polling stations close.

If you are in any doubt who to vote for, you can see stories about the candidates and their policies at by clicking on the ‘Elections’ tab.

The first indication of results will come in the form of an exit poll.

This is created by Ipsos MORI which will carry out surveys of voters leaving polling stations.

It will publish the poll for BBC and Sky News the moment the polling stations close at 10pm.

The time results are declared will depend on your constituency but you can check the approximate time results will be in, here:

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The final result will often be predicted around 3am the following day if one party has a convincing majority but if it is a closer result it can take much longer.

Some constituencies will still be counting votes well into Friday.

To follow election coverage through the night including interviews with candidates, voters, and the latest local polls, and for the latest results in your area as they come in, see

Meanwhile if you are unsure who to vote for, take part in our poll which might help you decide which party is on your side.