General Election 2017: Could a progressive alliance work in St Albans?

General Election 2017: Herts Advertiser

General Election 2017: Herts Advertiser - Credit: Archant

Around the country, left-wing and centre-left political parties have been forming, often covert, pacts to defeat Tory candidates.

Could such an alliance of Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and the Green Party work in St Albans, to unseat Anne Main?

We’ve been crunching the numbers to find out.

At the 2015 election, Anne Main won St Albans with 25,392 votes. This gave her a 12,732 vote lead over the other parties.

Mrs Main has increased her majority at every election she has fought in St Albans.

At the 2015 election, the ‘progressive’ parties (Labour, Lib Dems, and the Green Party) won 24,770 between them, which is still 622 votes less than the number of votes the Conservatives won in 2015.

Additionally, as UKIP have not put forward a candidate in St Albans for this election, it is likely the 4,271 voters who went purple in 2015 will back the Brexit-supporting Mrs Main.

This would mean she could receive 29,683 votes.

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But what impact is the EU referendum likely to make?

Anne Main backed leaving the European Union, while 62 per cent of St Albans voted to Remain.

Were Brexit to become a big issue at the election, this could damage Mrs Main’s majority.

However, when the Herts Advertiser interviewed St Albans people about how Brexit will affect the General Election, many said it would not change how they voted.

Additionally, this entire question pivots on whether the three parties can agree to cooperate.

In a statement announcing their St Albans candidate, the Green Party said Labour and the Lib Dems had ruled out such alliances.

But when the Herts Advertiser spoke to Lib Dem candidate Daisy Cooper, she said: “I would be interested to see what other parties had to say.”

Labour’s Kerry Pollard spoke favourably that a “coalition of pro-Remain parties would be the way forward.”

Whether any candidate would step down in favour of the other is unclear.

The General Election is being held on Thursday, June 8.

St Albans voters can pick between Daisy Cooper of the Liberal Democrats, Jack Easton of the Green Party, Anne Main of the Conservatives, and Kerry Pollard of Labour.