Gang of car thieves target St Albans

A spate of car break-ins have occurred in Chiswell Green.

A spate of car break-ins have occurred in Chiswell Green. - Credit: Archant

An “organised group” of car thieves have left victims feeling “violated” this week.

Between Monday evening (July 24) and Tuesday morning (July 25) criminals broke into numerous vehicles in Chiswell Green - all without setting off any alarms, damaging the cars, leaving prints, or alerting neighbours.

After rifling through the cars’ contents, the yobs threw personal belongings across the road for victims to find.

On Watford Road two cars were broken into - loose change was stolen from one, and an iPod, iPad, and CDs were taken from another.

A car on Tennyson Road was senselessly targeted because nothing was taken.

Megan Mcloughlin lives on West Avenue, and woke up to the doors to her Audi wide open and piles of her paperwork strewn all the way up the street. The offenders had taken some perfume, CDs, and Beats headphones.

Her sister, Rhian Mcloughlin, described her disbelief: “We have got lots of dogs, a gravel driveway, security lights and five people inside the house - and not one of us heard anything.

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“They were obviously looking for something in particular - there were four other cars on our driveway and nothing else was touched.”

She described the offenders as “opportunists” who are “organised” - she estimates that about six cars were targeted in the area.

“I remember hearing something scuff and move quickly on the gravel from my bed, and that’s what made me think it was a cat or a fox. I would say they are very good at what they do, to cause no disturbance.

“I think it was absolutely professional, kids are slack.

“I do think it was a grab and dash situation though.”

Rhian added: “We feel like we have been violated, that somebody has gone into our personal space.

“I am just mainly really upset for my sister because she works really hard, and to have all her things littered across the road is upsetting.”

Together with other residents, Rhian is trying to set up a neighbourhood watch system - to get involved, email her at

Anyone with information should contact the police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.