Fox’s tail partly amputated after found trapped in St Albans garden

Trapped fox

Trapped fox - Credit: Archant

A quick-thinking member of the public and an RSPCA officer saved a fox which was found hanging by its tail from a decorative garden arch on Saturday evening (14).

The vixen was discovered by the householder after hearing its cries of distress. It had got itself trapped in the metal archway which was leaning against a shed in the garden of a home in Hazelwood Drive, St Albans.

It is thought she probably became trapped as she jumped up or down from the roof - hanging from the metal by her tail.

RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Kate Wright, who was called to the address, said: “This poor fox was hanging upside down from her tail. She was completely trapped and there is no way she could have escaped without help.

“She was panicking and must have been very stressed and frightened.

“Thankfully, the member of public acted quickly and laid the archway on the ground so the fox was able to put her feet down.

“Her tail had somehow twisted tightly around the metal but we used some bolt cutters to cut her free from the arch.”

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She added: “The vixen was very lucky to have been found and released so quickly. I dread to think what could have happened if no-one had heard her cries.”

The fox was taken to Beds Wildlife Rescue in Houghton Regis where she underwent an operation to amputate part of her damaged tail.

She will remain in their care for a few weeks before being released into the wild.