Fantastic Mr Fox rescued from balcony with help of RSPCA

This fox needed rescuing from a St Albans balcony.

This fox needed rescuing from a St Albans balcony. - Credit: RSPCA

A fox needed rescuing after becoming stuck on a fifth floor balcony.

A concerned member of the public made the surprising discovery when they looked out of their window to see the fox staring back at them from the balcony of their St Albans residence.

It is thought the fox must have come from the roof of a nearby multi-storey car park which resides at the back of the flats. It’s believed he must have jumped down onto the balcony - but once there couldn’t get back again.

RSPCA inspector Andy Eddy attended the incident and was concerned that if the fox became stressed while he tried to catch him the feisty mammal could end up jumping off the balcony.

So he hatched a plan and put a bench with a strong basket on top in the hope the fox would use it as a kind of ladder to spring himself back onto the car park roof.

Andy said: “I was really worried that this fox might take matters into his own hands and try and jump off the balcony and he would have fallen five floors down.

“So I improvised and made him a little makeshift ladder using a bench and a strong basket which he could then just get high enough to jump back onto the multi-storey roof where he came from.

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“He was a clever little fella and didn’t need to be told twice, he hopped straight up and over and headed off without even a thank you.

“I’m really pleased it was a happy ending and I am grateful to the flat owner for all their help for this fox.”